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August 21st, 2005]
[ mood | grateful ]


I have gotten my license's finallllllyyy..

ohhhhh booiiii<333 Yessss Siiirrrr!!!!

and Jackie Thomas.. has gotten a Job with it.


Im on a fucking rollll mann ;)

thats all I haded to say.


P.s. I had wayyyy too much fun camping.. Tooo good of times Gel.. wayy 2 many. Definatly.

P.s.s... Im falling inlove with a boy..

Ryan, Your everything to me babe...Cant even describe the feelings I have for you & they are only getting stronger every day.




August 20th, 2005]
[ mood | loved ]

Its 4 in the morning, and I seriously can NOT SLEEP.

I need coffee or something.

At the moment, I feel like a misses Dr. Phil.

If you need any advice please feel free to comment<33

Besides that, Today me and Ryan hung out all day.. It was cute and Im really starting to feel alot for him.
Its the first time in a LONG ASS TIME ive felt this way...so anyone that trys to ruin it I might have to fucking punch square in their nasty ass jaw.:)

On a another note, I honestly cannot see straight due to the lack of sleep consisting every night of my life..

Therefore Im going to bed.

P.S Im going camping in a couple days with my trusty Wingman Cheech<33 We shall have fun for a good few nights.

Ohhh Booiii cant wait.<33

yes sir.

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Hung Over. [Tuesday
July 26th, 2005]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So im guessing I need to update this stupid thing since Im incredibly bored and sick to my stomach..

The only good thing that has been going on is Ryan right now, and yes.. we are together. Im finally happy and confortable to be in a relationship, so Im hoping this all works out for the best. Besides that, everything is the same.. I still cant take the difference between my family, but its something that I HAVE to get over. Im starting to realize Im incredibly stubborn, I barely see my mom.. and the days I go over there I leave after like an hour. Its my fault that Im growing so distant from her.. and it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.. knowing my mom was my best friend.

I cant take this house anymore either.. between my dads gf coming over with her 2 kids, and my brother.. and just pretty much being a molly maid I think Im about to loose it. I cant stand coming home anymore to these people, im not ready for fucking step brothers or sisters. I cant stand when I come home, and their in my room, on my computer.. fucking waking me up at 9 in the damn morning. After all this Im soooo happy my parents decided not to have anymore Kids.. expessically girls. It just sucks and Im sure a lot of people can relate.. this is just new to me and It still hurts to know this is how its going to be forever.

Anyways Im sorry its just another entry of me bitching, besides all that.. I've been having fun with all my friends, and my boyfriend. Im incredibly lucky to have the friends I have. Even though we are all growing up.. and some of us are growing apart, the times we do spend together are a blast.

Oh and Of coursee I love my beautiful cousin Theresa Marie<33 Your probably the dorkest kid I know, singing your R-Kelly songs, but I guess I just have to love you until I die. We seriously need to hang out like the olden days hun.

ne ways Im outtie.. comment if ya want... I honestly dont give a shit. Plus this is going to be one of my last entries.. this thing HAS to go.

Me- x0x0x

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July 11th, 2005]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Damn Livejournals.

These things are fucking just stupid, and yet we all write in them lmao.. fagggsss. Well Summer has been going pretty damn good so far, been hanging out with the friends.. and making new ones at that too.  Theres only a few things missing, as like in my license and a J.O.B, bcuz ladies and germs.. Im a bum.

Ive honestly though been having a really good summer.. Been hanging out with Elena, Shopping like every other day.. bcuz we are addicts.. but we are even hotter when we listen to Prince , and dance like crazy people in your car. I love youuu SOO MUCH! Angelica still isnt at home, which is really upsetting.  Me and her are eventually loosing our friendship, and Its hurting more and more every day, shes been staying at her boyfriends house.. and honestly she needs to get her ass back home. But ya kno.. theres only so much your best friend can do .. and I think Ive done all I could.
But yeah,been hangin out with Jenna, Ryan, Chad and all of them.. new group.. and Im starting to adjust pretty good, I guess Im in the need of making some new friends anyways.. since all my other ones are pretty much backstabbing or crackheads.. lmao...

Bad Note: Ive been gettin really sick lately, last week it was 102 degree temp. and seriously.. this shyt isnt leaving my system.. I dont know how to deal with my own body anymore, so mom is sending me to the docs and gettin my blood and all kinds of tests done on me, Im kinda freaked out.. but its alright I guess.. Gotta go what I gotta do..

Anyways, I think Im going to go.. clean the house ... call my cousin to dye my hair n what not..

write in when I have time, or when my internet is actually up n running

Peaceee x0x0x


when the sun goes down, ill be ready to party<33 [Saturday
June 25th, 2005]
[ mood | re-cooping ]

Sit back... and grab a cold one:)

Definatly been having a good summer vaca so far, been hanging out with the friends n been having a good ass time.

I seriously love all my friends to death, its unexplainable... Expesically my little crew. You guys are my world.. and Ive been loving every minute with you guys. Lana.. our walks down gratiot, and sitin in bus booths puts you on the TOP of the line missy.. I love you so much<33Gel... Every night with you, is always sooooo much fuckin fun man.. your my cheech 4 lyfe. even if your grounded every 2 days. Probably wont even read this .. but its tite.. love ya.

went to the carshow in the clem a few nights ago with jenna, met a shit load of ppl up there and finally met *Will* {there u go kid.. now ur names in it lmao} He looks like he can be my new little smoking buddy.:)~

on a negative.. VERY NEGATIVE side, Pistons lost.. which you all knew. Lets just say I had my moment.

on a postive.. The St. Clair Shores fireworks were last night.. me,tony,gel,kenny,lana and Jeff all went.  That was a cute little night to put in the books, except we got attacked by flish flys.. and I think we all ate like 3.  After went to Lanas, then over Jays..

Oh and another postive.. me and bella finally talked on Fathers Day, it was cuuttee.. and I love her no matter what kinda shit we go through. Fun times playin fuckin pool, thats fo sho. lmaoo.. Ne ways I just like woke up.. and Im very tired still.. seein whats goin on today except for my lil cusins birthday.. Happy Birthday Justin!
love ya.

Much Love x0x0 Commenttt Plazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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June 16th, 2005]
..Your wish is my Command...


June 12th, 2005]
[ mood | hot ]

                                                                          SCANDELOUS SENOIRS  HOLL@@@!!!
                                                                             x0x3 Musketeers for eevvaaax0x

This weekend was definatly a keeper, and we pulled summ MASSIVE shyt. ;) we dont call it scandel for nuttin.. lmao

Friday Corey took me on his jet ski*s,  It was tite hangin out with the old bird again,  but u still piss me off  : )

:: Tony came over after, bonded with dad n gf and then passed out on my couch. Hehe. It was cute<3 ::

last night kicked ass, went 2 lanas house.. ahhh.. PAARRTTYYYYY. shyt.. it was fun. and thats when I pick up on my last statement.
 I LOVE MY FRIENDS! except the ASSHOLE that stole my friends walet. Fuckin Bitchhes. Wuts up with ppl these days stealin.. dont they got jobs!? Common Sense.? hmm... Thats a negative. People r Fucked up.

 Ne ways its hott as hell in this house, cuz dad thought it was a brillant idea to turn the ac off. Gahhhh.

Comment Plz x0x0x


June 7th, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]


ahh way 2 exicitin for me haha, Now i get to come home.. and jez HAVE A LIFE... yesss!
Anywho.. this weekend was pretty damn okay. lmao.

a little shout out. Angelica Marie Boucher... I love you more than Lyfeee cuz you my wingman.. and definatly my cheech.:)

Friday- had our last game, 2 tell ya the truth.. I actually TRIED playing so that is a accomplishment... for not wantin to win lol, after our game. which I forgot the score,  I got ready n went over Jennas, we hit up party.. left quickly and back 2 her house where we chilled n assed out.

Saturday- Gel picked me up.. SCOORE! got her heeeirr done,*looks cute* then went on the JET SKKII! Oh yeah, damnit Im still sore from that bitch.. we were all up in that lake, the water was Beautiful and just perfect, after that we umm did a lil stoppidy stop, and walked our asses to SUBWAY.. haha.. wow way 2 many good times that day.

*SUBWAY+Creek= way 2 good of a time.* haha Omg wassyyy 2 fuckin funny man. i <3ed it! , after we assed out and didnt wake up til like 11 at nite, Kenny came over and we all chilled...:)))))~~ lmao.


Today I went over Tonys for a lil bit had sum fun, hah.. came home and went to my bros baseball game..cute cute I know.

ne ways i just got back from Red Lobster and probably goin 2 bed in a few.

btw the Pistons played a excellent game on monday, and I seriously cant wait til the FINALS. im already all ansty haha.

Like.... 71/2 dayyss er sumthing!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssss

<3 m3x0x0x


June 1st, 2005]
[ mood | jubilant ]

2 more weeks left.. and I cant wait any longer.

Seniors are gone, and now.. its like I dont even give a shit. Yessss..!

Ne ways Today was our LAST day of practice, and I dont think theres any words that can describe my happiness. Its pure joy. Im gonna miss the team though expesically the freshmen that completely made my day.. like everyday.

Fridays our "last game" Its the semi-finals agains GPN. Hopefully we loose haha.

Life is going good.. Summer is approaching so I hope for the best right now. I love the weather and my friends.

This weekend was pretty tite. Friday-Party at Elenas.. Had a pretty damn good time, everyone was drunk off their ass acting like retarts like usual. It was funny, some dumbass stole my cell.. but im too good for that and got it back a couple days ago.

Sat-Mon i went to canada with mom and the crew.. it was pretty tite, got drunk pretty much every night and definatly had some bonding times with the old mom.

Anyways.. Im leaving now. Quick Update.. About to call for my road test.. bcuz im a bum that needs my license.

Much Love x0x0x


May 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | re-coopping/lazyy ]

I cant pretend that I dont see, but without you babe.. my life is incomplete.

Wowerz.. lately I guess Ive been pretty busy n what not.

 Last weekend was pretty sweet. Me n gel hooked up with the famous D, and Joel came with us.. we all chilled went to millers house, and then Kenny picked us up. We ended up going to his friends house, and I finally met Jim..nice guy.. nice guy. lol.. Um stayed there and left and went back to her house.Then..Craasshhedd:)

This week we had a half day somewhere around there, dominique, zach, gel and these two girls came over. Fucking havent laughed so hard in my life that day.. funny as hell..

 Been having practice all week too, which is gettin fucking BORING and aggravting damnit, I dont even get to hang out with my friends anymore.. I mean COME ON.. I havent hung out with elena.. in how long now. Duddee I fucking MISS YOU, and seriously I cant wait til the summer ne more.

 We had like 2 games last week too, I had to play defense which.. I was going to fucking flip out. Lets just say.. I DIDNT LIKE IT. I just wanted to fucking run and shit... actually PLAY, plus coach was flippin out on me and I didnt even kno what the fuck I was doing. Grr.. I dont even wanna talk about it,it gets me peeed off. Friday we had our game.. Lost by 1, but It was like the most intense game we had a in while..the score throughout the 2nd half was like on the barrier of being a tied game.
thank god it was our "last game" Now we are in the Semi Finals.. and we play the losers of GN, im gonna pull of a South Park and like TRY TO LOOSE... Fucking be the LOSSERRSSS lmao.

After the game.. me and gel got ready and left We stopped by Mallorys house cuz she was havin ppl over,then we hit up laceys..where she was having a party,and I had a little TOO much fun. Haha great times.. I invited Mike over there, and I kinda just left him.. Sorry about that buddy. Tony was there, it was awkard at first.. but it was cool afterwards. Anyways.. yah that was a fun night definatly. Angelica .. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! haha fucking flying over fences with skirts on..
 Wowerz- Saturday... me and gel woke up around like 2-3.. layed out in the sun for a good 2 hours. We had this theory that we were in Hawii chillin on the Beach. wow wat dorks<33 I luvied it tho. Then we had to clean both of our houses, afterwards we hit up G. Fair.. can we say.. GHETTO fucking, omg.. I thought we were going to raped, every 5 seconds a guy was like walkin on our asses. Literally, so we bounced. Went over Scotts house for a lil bit. watched the LION KING.. Oh yah. came home n assed out. Had a good weekend.

 anyways.. I think im outtie.. definatly in need of a shower..plus im home alone and LOVING IT. so Ill update later.

Muchoo Love x0x0x

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May 16th, 2005]
Heaven bend to take my hand
And lead me through the fire
Be the long awaited answer
To a long and painful fight
Truth be told I've tried my best
But somewhere along the way I got caught up in all there was to offer
And the cost was so much more than I could bear
Though I've tried, I've fallen... I have sunk so low I have messed up
Better I should know So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

We all begin with good intent
Love was raw and young
We believed that we could change ourselves
The past could be undone
But we carry on our backs the burden
Time always reveals,The lonely light of morning
The wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything That I have held so dear.
I've fallen... I have sunk so low I have messed up Better I should know
So don't come round here And tell me I told you so...

Heaven bend to take my hand
Nowhere left to turn
I'm lost to those I thought were friends
To everyone I know
Oh they turn their heads embarassed
Pretend that they don't see
But it's one missed step
One slip before you know it
And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed
Though I've tried, I've fallen... I have sunk so low I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here, and tell me I told you so.
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May 14th, 2005]
[ mood | hyper ]

yoooo havent updated in a whille.

Not thatt much 2 say.

Tuesday, we went over adams.. with matt n josh... then left and I got my hair highlighted. It came out realllly sweet. It has like redish/purpleish strands with blonde. HOOTTTT<33 Very Exicted.:)

Thursday- Game Day. BLlllahhhh Lost of course to Girls Pointe N. I guess we had it coming to us, since we walked into the game with absolute doubt,plus we didnt have our Varsity goalie.. I guess im just gettin sick of lacrosse, and I pretty much made my mind up on not joining next year. As much as I want to for my Senior year.. I dont think I could handle it. I have to get my grades back on track.. and possibly even a J.O.B? lol.

Yesterday was effin retarded. and I dont even remember what we did. what a surprise? lol.. Umm.. yah it thunderstromed! and it was scarry at angelicas house cuz she lives on the waterr..

and rite now.. im about to break down from watching... America's Next Top Model.. yes im sad.. and emotional haha.

ne ways im about to hop my ass in the shower.. get ready... get my NEW CELL PHONE bcuz im a spoiled BIITCHH then hang out withh myyy friiieennndsss<333333333



May 1st, 2005]
[ mood | hung over ]

right now I have 2 people in mind, that I miss so much.

Im not really sure whats wrong with me, and why I act the way I do. But I do know that Ive lost many people in my life that were the most important to me. My best friends..and its killing me everyday to think about it. Its sad to think I dont even talk to my cousin anymore. She was my best friend.. since the day I was born. Right now.. nothing seems right, and I cant explain it. Actually I cant really talk about it without tearing up. Im not sure what shes going through right now, and if shes feeling the same way. I wish I had courage to talk to these people that been on my mind the past few months. I know this sounds absoutly stupid.. but I cant help it anymore. Its bugging me. I miss him so much, he was my BEST FRIEND, and all of a sudden.. ONE NIGHT it all ended bcuz of a stupid mistake. I somehow still cant forgive him, and I cant really hold him up to it anymore. Its done and over with, but it still hurts... and I think about him. All the silly werid ass times we had.. it was the best.. and nothing else can describe it. Throughout the past year, I still cant find that feeling with anyone else, I try.. but its just impossible. Again.. I wish I had courage to call him, to at least try.. but I just feel, actually know.. he doesnt want anything to do with me anymore. And I know I shouldnt talk about this on here, but I really have no1 else to talk about it with. no1 could replace him..

Anyways on another note, we had our tourament yesterday. Woke up at 6.. and headed down to lansing. Got there and played 3 games. 1st game- we lost by like 2..2nd game.. we won.. like 10-3?.. third game we lost by like 2. It was funny actually bcuz we almost got in this big ass fight with the 3rd team. Holy shit, we were about to drop bombs. Funny as hell man, god... They were driving away screaming things at us.." BEANIE GUY YOUR SMUCK!" haha.. what good times... actually had a lot of fun. The team bonded and it was all worth it. The weather was beautiful and I couldnt ask for anyting better. I love our team..

Last night was pretty sweet, it was my brothers 13th party. Its crazy that the kid is actually 13 years old.. it definatly seems like it took forever for him to be a teenager. Ahh the kid has grown up and I love him to death. But yah.. Some friends came over.. Of course the fab4. I love them more and more every day of my life:) Definatly drankkk like a tru Thomas. Haha.. It was fun, and I love my family more than Life.

But ne ways Im headed out.. I finally found my cell phone charger, it was mixed up in my blow dryer n straighter bcuz im a dumb blonde. So after 2 days of being dead its definatly ALIVE. YYYESSSSSS

ne ways update later.

Love ya

COMMENT<33333 I dont care who u are.. Just say hi or sumthing gooosshh!

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April 28th, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Wowwerzz.. definatly havent updated in a while. Well lets see what the hells been going on lately.

Hm... I dont remember! shhiiizzz..

Umm kk.. well 420 was titee as hell :)~ Haha.. Angelica " a perfect day for the drug dogs" riiigghhhtt. Those son of a bitches were sniffin out highlighers.. aspirn.. u name it. Mother Feffers:)
It was also my daddys bday and we had a game, we played Troy Athens.. actually did good, but we didnt have our goalie.. so you dont EVEN want to know the score. haha.

That weekend was the tits, god I had so much fun.. After school I went to gels house, then.. I dont remember.. The mall maybe? Then we met up with Amanda and Beth and went to Ruby Tuesdays, which was also very cute. Then we went to Fabbians house? Sp* the German exchange student.. it was swell.. then after that we headed over Scotts house :) Boy what a nightt, went back to gels n crasshhedd the heell out.

Saturday we woke up around like 1-2ish? I ended up going out to lunch with daddy. Which was extremely adorable and cute, I liked it very much and we discussed a lot of shit that was on my mind. Stuff about the fam and etc... After me and angelica attemped to go the movies haha, but ummm me being my little ass self couldnt get in rated R. What the efff mmmmannnnn.. it was ridicilous and embarrsing lol, so we ended going wherever.. then matt and adam joined us for a lil bit, then we went back to Germans kids house, where he had some ppl over.. we chilled played some Go fish haha, then Kenny picked us up, and headed to Scotts house :)

The rest of the night was just CraAZZzzYYy .. God wat happened angelica Haha.. Your dads in the kitchen... we're god knows.. haha That was too great and I loved it. BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!

Um Sunday.. I believe was a fam party.. Cool to see the cousins.. and I wish shit was different, but I dont think I have a say in it anymore. I miss her.. a lot. and Maybe you read this.. and maybe you dont.. Just to let you know.. I think about you everyday, and I really do miss you... I cant change your mind.. and the way you feel anymore, and if you cant accept me as me, I guess theres nothing I cant do. Your always my be family.. my cousin and my sister. Sorry this shit has to happen this way.

anyways.. yesterday was a half day.. went to adams, then got ready for my game.
BTW>>...WE WON YESTERDAYYYYYY like 14-9 against Ligget. So go uss.. and Im very proud of everyone. Hopefilly this weekends tournaments kick ass.

Anyways I have to go clean the house, and do some shit.. Have a nice day:)

Love Me xo0x0x0ox

oh btw.. CALL ME A HOE AGAIN AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS BITCH. fucking call me house blocked number

haha.. Grow some balls hunny

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All My Gurlll put their DRINKS UPPPP [Saturday
April 16th, 2005]
[ mood | drunk ]

I<3 my Lyyyfee :)

Lets seee.. Last week was the meaps and all that shit, Monday we had a "game" that involved us playing eachother since the officals hoed us out. Bunch of bitches.. It was fun though.. afterwards we went up to b*dubs with the team and then headed to Cold Stones icecream with Lana and Kenny. It was sweel and I jammed to I aint no hollaa back gurlll! haha great times.

So yah.. one of those days I skipped 5th n 6th... Gel came over with Rob, and we just hung out for a bit... then before pratice Billy bob and adam came over. Umm.... Yah.. the rest of week.. I dont remember haha.. Just been going to practice n watever.. it seems like its my life now and it suckks ballllss!

Last nite was pretty tite.. Dad was gone so angelica came over.. Then adam, matt, joe and Kenny did too. Had some fun.. then they left and we did too.. hit up Taco Bell and went back to gels house and passed outt <333

Today me and gel woke up extrememly early for god knows why.. and started going on a cleaning freak with her van. Took it up and vacumed it all out, cleaned everything then took it to a carwash and saw Joee M. and sum hott kids haha. We decided thats our "new car wash" haha.. Ne ways now im home.. about to take a nap before our game @ grosse pointe. Hopefully we will kick their asses.. Then we mite hit up sum parties afterwards..

update later

peace out Bross.. x0x0x0x

Gel.. we are such losersss... MUAUUAAHHHH!!! New record.. 9:30 in the morning til....
????????? haha

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I walk alone.. [Saturday
April 9th, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So. yah, Im doing that computerized baby for child development in school. Lets just say, its kicking my ass.. Literally. Last night I think me and angelica had a combined whole hour of sleep. SCORE. I attemped to go to lax practice this morning but ended up being like.. hmm.. 3 hours late? Oops. So yah I have this thing for the weekend.. and its bringing my life pure joy.

On another note, the lax teams been doing pretty good lately.. last game we lost by one point against rochester. It was a big dissapointment. 5-6... Monday we have a Home game.. which I dont even know if I can play for sure. I didnt go to practice yesterday and then I came in late today bcus of the baby. Coach was pissed and said If I didnt come at all today I couldnt play. Angelica didnt go at all so shes pretty screwed. They just didnt understand its a big responsibility and a big ass grade, and we cant just throw them on the side lines while we play lacrosse. Thats ridicilous.

anways.. yay for the weekend.. Trying to still do somthing 2nite, even If I have to lug that thing around with me everywhere I go. I dont care honestly..its just a pain when it cries and screams.. and fusses... and wont stfu. Last nite was alright.. Hung out w. gel.. kenny and attemped to hang out with his friend Jimmy.. but the nite ended quickly. Thank god.. I was exhausted anyways.

Well I gotta go. My dogs about to eat another dog outside. Plus I havent aten in god knows.

Its about that season 2 start straving my self anyways to look good for the summer.

anyways. Peace yo*s

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April 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | calm ]

Spprinng Break Bitches<3

Hm.. Its been going alrighty I guess.. I mean,  over the week not a lot was happening but I was still with my friends and I had fun.

Last week we ended up goin 2 this one party and had a blast... god it was goofy as hell.. had fun tho thats fo sho.

 Goin up to any guy that was asking me for my number... " Sorry my bfs name is Corona" God I had so much fun...I think I told angelica that I loved her more than shitt 100 times?  Gosh... Btw sorry about inturpting gel haha... So funnny

Anyways.. Easter Sucked, I knew it was going to .. it was nice seeing both of my parents tho and spending time with them.. other than that.. the rest of  the day could kiss my ass, It was unconfortable and abnormal  and I didnt like it at all.. Family Drama. Yuuck

But yah.. the rest of the break was alright.. Met sum new hott kids, hung out with my gurls. Elena.. gel and steph.. and went to sum kids house... good times.

Um went to Chads house last night.. sum pppl were there, ended up leaving.. the rest of the night kiinda bloooweed. buts its tite.

today woke up early.. helped my dad buy sum new tv's and dvd players for the house..so funny tryin to shove everything into my little intrepid.. lol. Right now.. Im about to start gettin ready 4 the nitee.. maybe even take a lil nap before I head out.

Tomorrow I have practice and mondays a game... Wish us luck:) Last one I actually scored the only fuckin score... Kinda sad lol

ne ways comment bitchessss

I love you:)

btw new sn.. its a temp.. and gay but w.e xxOxJ4cKi3xOxx

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March 24th, 2005]
[ mood | mellow ]

**Spring Break**

thats all I need to say :) and I very happy about that..

plus we get a lil break from lax<3

Im plannin on sum funn ; )~

 Had a fun day 2day tho.. skipped a couple hours and went tannin n out 2 lunch with the gurliez then adams house.. practice now home.. Findin sumthin to do?

Lotz N Lotz of parties this weekenddd!
ne ways im outt

x0xCoMmEnT BiTchESx0x


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March 16th, 2005]
[ mood | dirty ]


    It's like I have so much to say right now, but I just can't put it in words. Its to the point where its getting really emotional, I just need a shoulder to cry on and a box of tissues lol.. seriously. Its sad but I really dont know anymore. Everyone around me.. like my family is so depressed right now. I haven't seen anything like this before, its like  undescribiable.  My mom is just  not the same.. she's constantly upset.. or worrying or just  not herself.   To tell you all the truth.. I miss her so much.  I know I sound like a little mummas girl lol but Its just my mom is my best friend, and lately shes been going through so much and shes been staying so strong through everything. I look up to her for that.

See and this is what I DONT WANT TO DO. I hate going on this p.o.s to tell everyone how I feel. I dont want to.. I dont want the world to know how I feel about shit.. but I do anyways.. and I just bllabb and I make a long ass entry and no one probably even reads it.. just laughs at me lol,  ah but I dont give a fuck.

You know... and this is another thing. Okay I really want to find a guy.. and I DO NOT mean a relationship. Bcuz fuck those so called flings. Like I just want to meet new people, and  expand my variety. Like a guy, that isnt some kind of flaming asshole, that only wants  booty .. As me and gel would say.. " Wham Bam thank you mam!"  Ahh I dont know. Im a nerd.

But besides all that, I had fun today.. and actually been haveing "fun" the whole damn week. To tell you the truth.. I cant even remember it lol, But I could tell you that I love my friends more than my life.. and I would gladly put my life on the line for any of them.. expessically angelica. And I know we have our differences and some things I could only wish we could take back.. but nothing will ever come between us. As long as I live.. bcuz we niggass fo lyyyfee! and I apologize ahead of time for saying that word but dominique told me it was okay haha. I mean theres only one true batch of Cheech N Chong.. It might actually be .. Cheech N Chong.. but damnit we are the top dawgs of them all :)  Im the retarded kid that needs a helmet in the car at all times.. and Angelica is the loser that cant keep her pants on... We listen to music with the windows down.. when its below freezing out, and we intentionally  make our selves piss our pants. We almost kill ourselves tryin to sneak in/out of her window and  we almost get caught by the cops everyday. Thank god Im her damn driving instructor.. or god knows.. WE WOULD BE DEAD RIGHT NOW.

Anyways that was for angelica.. bcuz she loves when I talk about her in these thingys.

Ne ways.. I feel the vibe that sumone is watching me thru my window. And I also feel sumone is at my door. Its creeping me out.

Im leaving now... Bcuz Im scared.

Comment<3 and Try to make me happy... It just might work.

again Im sorry for being a little werid.. right now.. I really am. Im just.. sober.

plus im extremely tired.. Lax is takin a toll on me. I <3 it tho.

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March 10th, 2005]
[ mood | high ]

Cuz it's my nite -No stress, no fights- Im leavin that all behind...
{No tears, no time to cry}
Just makin the most of life

I fucking <3 Lacrosse... Hopefully this will be the season to step it up.. even tho I didnt go to practice today. Whoopies.. "Didnt feel good":(

1/2 days today, tomorrow, and  of course *next tuesday*.. ahhh thats gonna be the shizz. No practice either.. so you kno how we doo<3

ne ways I adore my friends and of course my wonderful family, and i just felt like chippin that in.

and Im so frustrated u know.
I need to find a guy ;)
btw I had a crazzy day with the friends. I seriously love you guys to death, and I love our little half days moments.

god.. Doritos .. Omg .. Just say "No!" come on guys you can do it!

Cindy: "I think my cheeks are goin numb!! .. its like i have a permant smile"
Havent laughed so hard in ages. gooosh<3

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